Building Bridges 3


Learn about the LDS faith, the differences in theology, and how to reach into their community with
love and compassion; by building bridges.

Title NotesVideo
GodGod Notes
Trinity in the Bible
Watch Here
Book of Mormon vs The BibleBOM vs Bible Notes Watch Intro Watch Movie
Reliability of ScripturesReliability NotesWatch Here
Salvation, Grace & Atonement Salvation Notes Watch Here
JesusJesus Notes Watch Here
The Church of Jesus ChristChurch of Jesus Christ NotesWatch Here
HeavenHeaven NotesWatch Here
The Bible vs Joseph SmithJS vs Bible NotesWatch Intro Watch Movie
Prophet, Bishop & PastorProphet, Bishop & Pastor NotesWatch Here
Faith and Works Faith and Works NotesWatch Here
The Lost Book of AbrahamBook of Abraham NotesWatch Here
Temple: Purpose and RoleThe Temple NotesWatch Here