Xochimilco was our first church plant. It has about 120 adults and a vision to reach out to others and start churches. All of the other church plants expect for one have been begun by the members of this church. It is pastored by Ron and Donna Brink.

Granjas Amparo Sanchez
​This church is located in a steep valley that was once a huge pig farm. It was started by the Xochimilco church. It is pastored by Gonzalo and his wife Triny. A new church building we recently built to accommodate this growing congregation.

Leandro Valle
​This is more an outreach site than a church. It sits downhill from the Xochimilco church and was at the lower end of the city dump with Xochimilco at the upper end. Most people know it as Trencheaso which in English means the Devil’s pitchfork. It is difficult to describe the level of sin this area is known for. The pastor of Calvary Chapel Santa Fe is in charge of this ministry.

Santa Fe
​Santa Fe is large community that will eventually have over 25,000 family units. At present there is only one other church in the area. This church was also started by Capilla Calvario Xochimilco. They are renting a small facility which they have outgrown. The church is pastored by Jorge and Erika.

Villa Del Prado
​This is our newest church plant. It is a large community very similar to Santa Fe. They are renting a home where they have a large Bible study for adults, youth group and children’s ministry.

La Gloria
This is a church plant started by the Leandro Valle church. They are meeting as a home fellowship with a children’s ministry that is being taught by Pastor Gonzalo.

Leandro Valle
This Bible study is located near the Xochimilco church. The community was part of the city dump. Many of the people that come to faith in his outreach location end up attending the Xochimilco church.